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Driven by electricity

Elektro Ljubljana is one of the leading providers of charging services for electric vehicles in Slovenia. The knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years drive us to constantly improve our e-mobility services.

You can find the latest information about the number and locations of our charging stations at www.gremonaelektriko.si.

Driven by electricity

Our services

  • Public electric vehicle charging stations, supply, construction, and information on installation.
Do you drive an electric vehicle? Use our application to locate and use charging stations.
Visit the largest and most open Slovenian EV charging network www.gremonalektriko.siDownload the iOS or Android application.


Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles can be charged at public charging stations provided by Elektro Ljubljana or at your own private charging station, which we can set up for you.

Public charging stations

Public charging stations are devices installed where there is public parking that are accessible with, and sometimes even without, identification. A user must register before using those stations that require identification. Instructions for using the largest and most open Slovenian EV charging network »Gremo na elektriko« (Driven by Electricity) charging stations can be found at every charging station. Elektro Ljubljana is following developments in new identification solutions to meet users’ needs. Therefore after registration you can identify yourself in various ways.

Home charging stations

You can also charge your electric vehicle at home. Here we suggest ensuring your safety by installing a charging station or a special power outlet that is used only for  charging vehicles. Some electric vehicle manufacturers provide both of these, but before installing them we can examine your electrical wiring and connections, including the capacity of your connection. If the capacity is insufficient for installation and connection, we can help you with your application for increasing the power of access or the main fuse at the distribution company or distribution unit.

When choosing a charging station, we suggest you keep the time it takes to charge your vehicle in mind. If time is no obstacle for you, then single-phase charging (up to 3.7kW or 7.4 kW) might be enough. If you want more, there is also an option of fitting charging stations with an electrical socket that enables three-phase charging up to 22 kW. In either case, it is necessary to inspect the internal wiring and connections.

We can install your personal charging station. For more information simply follow this link.

Driven by electricity

Etiquette when using public charging stations

Since we are all still at the outset of the electric vehicle era, we have prepared some guidance to ensure a positive charging experience for everyone involved.


Park and charge in a space marked with EV
Park and charge in a space marked with EV

You must always park and charge your vehicle in the spot marked for electric vehicles. Parking places for charging an electric vehicle are currently free, but the future of that depends on municipal regulations.

Do not park in a parking spot marked with ev if you are not planning on charging
Do not park in a parking spot marked with EV if you are not planning on charging

If you do not plan to charge your car, do not park it in a spot intended for electric vehicles.


Once the car is charged remove it as soon as possibly
Once your car is charged remove it as soon as possible

An EV spot is not meant for parking, so once your car is recharged, remove it quickly to make room for others.

Kind notice helps
Friendly notice helps

In case you are in a hurry but the charger is currently occupied, you can leave a note with your contact details or time of return or use the gremonaelektriko.si application to more easily share the charger.


Take care of safety
Take care of safety

Do not use any extension cords or adapters for charging. Make sure your cable does not create a threat for others.

Stay friendly to others
Stay friendly to others

Should you find a car powered by conventional fuel in a parking spot reserved for electric vehicles, you can leave the owner a note with a friendly tone.

About electric vehicles

Electric vehicles can be fully electric or combined, also known as hybrid vehicles.

Battery electric vehicleBEV

Fully electric vehicles are powered by electric motors and their batteries ARE charged at charging stations.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs)

The power train of plug-in hybrid vehicles is same as that in hybrids, except that their batteries can also be charged by an external network.

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are powered by two or more energy sources. The most common are hybrid electric vehicles (HEVS).

Mass-produced hybrid vehicles have an internal combustion engine which works as a generator, while they are powered by an electric engine.

In the case of parallel hybrid vehicles, the electric engine and the internal combustion engine work at the same time or separately.

Electric vehicles powered by fuel cells

Electric vehicles powered by fuel cells have their power train in the electric motor. Batteries are charged by fuel cells and through the energy that is generated while braking. These are, for example, golf carts, forklift trucks, electric wheelchairs and smaller electric passengers or cargo vehicles (e.g. at airports).

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Instructions for use are found at every charging station. You can also contact us at +386 1 230 40 03 on any working day from 6 AM to 6 PM, while on weekends and holidays you can reach us at +386 1 230 40 02.

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