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Highest service quality in largest distribution network

Elektro Ljubljana operates the largest distribution network in Slovenia. With electricity infrastructure that covers 6,166 km2 (30.4 % of the country) we make sure that electric power reaches every part of central and southeast Slovenia. Our operations are managed from our headquarters in Ljubljana and from five distribution units, ensuring that electricity efficiently reaches more than 330,000 customers.

Elektro Ljubljana network

Ensuring reliable and comfortable electricity use by fast network development

We are constantly developing our network with the addition of new distribution devices. This ensures reliable electric power and a high quality of supply to all customers.

We distribute electricity to the largest part of Slovenia and have provided the longest network of power line routes, the most metering points in terms of network length (31 per km), up to 43 kW, and more connected loads, while also covering the area with the largest share of forest land, which comprises 67% of the whole supply area.

Elektro Ljubljana’s distribution network is connected to the transmission network through the following points of supply DTS 400/220/110 kW Beričevo, DTS 220/110 kW Kleče, DTS 110/35 kW TET in DS 110 kW Hudo.

We operate distribution transformer stations (DTS), distribution stations (DS) and transformer stations (TS) of varying voltage levels:

  • 3 x RTP 110/35 kV
  • 24 x RTP 110/20/10 kV
  • 1 x RTP 35/20/10 kV
  • 25 x RP 35,20,10/35,20,10 kV
  • 5.397 x TP SN/0,42 kV

Our development is powered by your wishes

Your demands and wishes are the base on which we build our development and determine optimal connections.

Send an application for increasing the connected load to info@elektro-ljubljana.si and inform us about your wishes for connected loads

Staying in track with your wishes keeps us ahead of time

Our mission is to have satisfied customers, that is why we ensure that with regular maintenance and expansion of our network, keeping our standards high, and keeping up with the progress of technology, you get the best experience when using electricity.

Ongoing measurements for ongoing quality

To ensure the highest quality we monitor our services constantly. We are examining the quality of electricity supply by analyzing supply continuity, which refers to the amount and duration of power supply interruptions, commercial quality, which takes into account services between distribution company and users, and voltage quality, which includes technical voltage characteristics measured on the user’s transfer point.

You can view verifications of our services’ quality in our Annual Reports.

Municipal spatial planning

When drafting municipal spatial planning involving electricity distribution the general guidelines from paragraph 2 of article 47 of the Spatial Planning Act(Ur. l. RS št. 33/07, 108/09, 57/12 in 109/12).