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Our network of offices provides connection to every area

Due to the scope of our operations we have developed an efficient distribution network. This means that you can reach us at our headquarters in Ljubljana and five other information offices: Ljubljana mesto, Ljubljana okolica, Kočevje, Trbovlje and Novo mesto.


Our services are organized through units, specialized for specific fields:




Management Board

Andrej Ribič, President of the Management Board


Executive Directors

Matjaž Osvald, Network Operations and Development

Samo Šarec, Network Services

Marjan Ravnikar, Corporate Services, Accounting and Finance


Managers of Local Distribution Units

Roman Jesenko, director of Distribution Unit Ljubljana mesto

Iztok Bartol, director of Distribution Unit Ljubljana okolica

Mitja Brudar, director of Distribution Unit Novo Mesto

Roman Ponebšek, director of Distribution Unit Trbovlje

Zoran Lebič, director of Distribution Unit Kočevje


Supervisory Board

Shareholder’s Representatives

Andrej Šušteršič - chairman

David Valentinčič - deputy chairman

David Skornšek

Janez Zakonjšek


Employees' representatives

Mitja Fabjan

Egon Hoda


Ownership structure

Elektro Ljubljana, d. d., was registered as a joint-stock company on 4 June 1998.

Its original structure, where the state owned 96.5% of the company, was changed due to the divestment of Slovenia’s development corporation and the state’s share. Since 4 June 2000 the divestment of shares is also possible for minor shareholders, such as current and former employees. Today the largest shareholder is the Republic of Slovenia, with 79.5%.

Efficient connection results from meticulously planning the structure of every link

Elektro Ljubljana is successful in efficiently providing network access and commerce services due to our thought out structure. We are also the owner of electric power infrastructure that is leased to the provider of public utility service, namely SODO, d. o. o., for which we handle several contractual services.

Services we provide for SODO:

  • maintenance of the electricity infrastructure and organization of duty service
  • management and operation of the electricity distribution network
  • development, planning, and investing in the electricity infrastructure
  • preparation and management of investments
  • monitoring and determining the quality of supply
  • electricity metering
  • implementation of distribution network access services and other customer services
  • provision of other services for the purposes of SODO

Clean energy from renewable sources

We have assumed a wide range of operations in order to provide integrated services. Engineering services for renewable sources are therefore managed by our subsidiary Elektro Ljubljana OVE, d. o. o., which produces its clean energy in its own small hydro power plants and solar power plants. They also cover the field of efficient energy use by setting up heat pumps, installing electrical charging stations, and issuing energy performance certificates. The company is 100% owned by Elektro Ljubljana.