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Elektro Ljubljana d.d. respects your privacy and is obligated to safely keep your personal data, that has been acquired through internet information system Elektro Ljubljana, and is not going to intermediate your data to the other persons without your consent or is not going to use them for some other purposes. There are certain links in internet to other, outer web pages, that are not connected with Elektro Ljubljana and we take no responsibility for the protection of your data on those web pages. Elektro Ljubljana d.d. is obligated to, within its best powers, to safe keep the information and privacy of the visitors on its web pages.

To prevent unauthorized approach to acquired data or their disclosure, to keep the accuracy of personal  information and to guarantee their proper use, we are using suitable technical and organizing procedures in order to secure the information we collect. Elektro Ljubljana is unable to exclude possible data misuse since internet is in spite of precautions and safety communication protocols very unpredictable media.

Legal notification

All information and images on the web site are a subject of copyright protection and other forms of protection of intellectual property. Reproduction is allowed strictly for non-commercial purposes and must include all stated notices regarding copyright and other rights. All forms of reproduction (copying, reproduction, publishing, transfer) must include Elektro Ljubljana as the source.

This web site was designed with the purpose of presenting general information about Elektro Ljubljana. All content on the web site is strictly informative in character. Elektro Ljubljana assumes no responsibility for the accurateness and completeness of the published information, or for any damages caused to the user of the web site as a consequence of using the information on this web site.

We reserve the right to redirect users to other web sites and we assume no responsibility for the content of such web sites.

By maintaining the web content, Elektro Ljubljana will aim to ensure accuracy and currency of information. However, we do not guarantee or assume responsibility for their accuracy and integrity. All users are using the published information at their own risk.

Elektro Ljubljana reserves the right to alter, amend or remove web pages (partially or in entirety) without prior notification and assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

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What is a cookie?


Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer. The information the cookie contains is set by the server and it can be used by that server whenever the user visits the site. A cookie can be thought of as an internet user's identification card, which tell a web site when the user has returned. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

What is the purpose of cookies?

Cookies make the interaction between users and web sites faster and easier. Without cookies, it would be very difficult for a web site to allow a visitor to fill up a shopping cart or to remember the user's preferences or registration details for a future visit.Web sites use cookies mainly because they save time and make the browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable. Web sites often use cookies for the purposes of collecting demographic information about their users.Cookies enable web sites to monitor their users' web surfing habits and profile them for marketing purposes (for example, to find out which products or services they are interested in and send them targeted advertisements).The time of expiry of a cookie can be set when the cookie is created. By default the cookie is destroyed when the current browser window is closed, but it can be made to persist for an arbitrary length of time after that.

List of cookies used on this website

1. Our own cookies

Cookies Duration Description
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Google Analytics
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2. 3rd party cookies

Cookie Duration Description
__atuvc, dt, uvc, uit, ssh, sshs, ssc, uid do 2 leti


Anonymous tracking social plug-in cookies.

use_hitbox Trajanje seje You Tube
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With cookies on our website we do not collect your personal data and can not harm your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Cookies enable our website to function and help us design and make a user experience tailored to your needs and expectations.


By the use of this website you agree with the use od cookies that will be placed on your computer or mobile device.

What to do if you don't want cookies to be set

Users can set their device browsers to accept all cookies, to notify them when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. If you prefer, it is possible to block some or all cookies, or even to delete cookies that have already been set. The last of these means that certain personalised features cannot then be provided to that user and accordingly they may not be able to take full advantage of all of the website's features. Each browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. You can also prevent Google Analytics to track you here.

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Spoštovani uporabniki, obveščamo vas, da bo v skladu z razglašenimi izrednimi razmerami, prekinjena dobava električne energije uporabnikom na območju Elektra Ljubljana. Ure izklopov bodo objavljene na naši spletni strani, vsak dan od 21. ure dalje za naslednji dan. Prosimo vas, da spremljate spletno stran, kjer bodo objavljene tudi vse morebitne spremembe terminov odklopov, ki lahko nastanejo zaradi sprememb razmer v omrežju. Lahko pa se prijavite na brezplačno obveščanje o načrtovanih prekinitvah dobave elektrike na vašem merilnem mestu preko SMS sporočil ali elektronske pošte. V času izklopa ravnajte z električnimi napravami kot, da so pod napetostjo.

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