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Frequently asked question

What are the requirements for reconnecting a metering point that was disconnected due to failed payment?

Category: Disconnection and reconnection

To re-establishing a connection discontinued due to failed payment the user (metering point owner/payer) or an authorized person must deliver to the contractor in charge (namely SODO, Elektro Ljubljana, d. d.) a signed electricity supply contract and proof that the costs of disconnection and subsequent reconnection have been paid. These costs are:

  • 93,78 EUR, for disconnecting and reconnecting were carried out by an installer,
  • 40,78 EUR for remote disconnection and reconnection,
  • 238,23 EUR for disconnection and reconnection carried out on the overground network,
  • 142,31 EUR, for disconnection and reconnection were carried out on cable network,
  • 132,82 EUR for disconnection and reconnection were accompanied by security service or the police,
  • 115,61 EUR for disconnection and reconnection following ZJRM-1.

(All prices include VAT).

You can get more details on the type of disconnection that was carried out in your case and costs that follow on +386 1 230 40 03 (call center Elektro Ljubljana), which is available every working day from 6:00 to 22:00.

A metering point can be reconnected on your behalf by your electricity supplier through the contractor in charge (SODO, Elektro Ljubljana, d. d.).